The Leg Bone’s Connected to the Knee Bone


It’s no surprise that kids learn more when they are enjoying themselves, so it should also be no surprise that The Human Body, by Pascale Hedelin and illustrated by Robert Barborini, took home Moonbeam gold. A winner in the Pop-up/Cut-out category, The Human Body allows children a fun-filled opportunity to learn everything from allergies, to bones, to digestion.  Interactive pages capture interest while teaching kids the real names and functions of the human body. A great book for all ages of children,  The Human Body might even teach you something new!

Look and Learn


Extraordinary Women, Extraordinary Cause


The Moonbeam Peacemaker Award was established to honor the best book for promoting world peace and human tolerance, in memory of Mattie J.T. Stepanek (1990-2004), whose poetry and messages of hope and peace have inspired millions of people around the world. This year’s gold winner, Extraordinary Women from the Muslim World, by Natalie Maydell and Sep Riahi, does just that. 

The book, filled with the illustrations of Heba Amin, introduces readers to 13 Muslim women in history who have lived extraordinary lives and influenced their communities in a positive way, often overcoming extreme hardship and inaccurate stereotypes that have been placed on the role of women in Islam. In addition to showing the impact these women have had throughout the years, Extraordinary Women from the Muslim World seeks to make a difference in the lives of Islamic women today, inspiring them to fervently pursue their goals. All proceeds from the special edition hardback series will be donated to Islamic Relief to benefit the women and children of Sudan.

Visit the Illustrator’s blog.

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Fun in the Sun


What better way to spend a beautiful day in the sun than a trip to the beach with a family of delightful bunnies? Whether it’s flying a kite, building a sandcastle, or sitting around the campfire, Sunny Bunnies, by Margie Blumberg, is sure to keep young children entertained. The charming rhymes, combined with the bright illustrations of June Goulding, make for a lighthearted story children will love to hear over and over again.



Sunny Bunnies was the gold medal winner of the Picture Book – Preschool category. Click here to see what illustrator June Goulding had to say about winning a Moonbeam.


Singing to the Sun


Money, Power, or Love. If you had the choice, what would you choose?


This is the question Vivian French’s Prince Thorfin must ponder in her gold medal winning book, Singing to the Sun: A Fairy Tale. Born into an aristocratic family controlled by might and wealth, the prince begins a journey to choose his bride. Along with his two companions, the jester and the cat, he must choose between three princesses offering three very different rewards: money, power, or happiness.


Although it may seem predictable, the children’s book takes a surprising twist – but don’t let me ruin it for you! Accompanied by the magical artwork of Jackie Morris that brings the characters to life, the lessons within Singing to the Sun: A Fairy Tale are clearly portrayed and easily taken to heart.    




2008 Winners Announced!

The winners of the 2008 Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards have been announced! With over 1000 entries, picking the best was no easy task. Congratulations to all of the medalists and thank you to everyone who contributed! View the 2008 Winners page for a full list of winners.

Semifinalists Announced

Semifinalists for the 2009 Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards have been announced! You can view the complete list by visiting the article at Independent Publisher Online. Finalists will be announced on October 24th. Congratulations to all of those wonderful authors who have made it so far!

Judging Update

2008 Moonbeam Awards Judging is Underway!

Judging of this year’s contest is now underway, and the judges are amazed by the quality of books entered, and the creative energy that went into them. It gives us all great hope for the future to see how much children’s book authors and publishers care about the nurturing of young minds.

We’ve counted up the entries and are happy to announce a 21% increase in participation this year. A total of 1,085 entries into our 30 categories divides up to an average of 36 books per category. Of course it didn’t work out that evenly – we sure didn’t get 36 pop-up book entries! In fact, the two largest categories, Best First Book and Picture Book 4-8 Year Old received 130 entries each. The next two largest categories are Best Illustrator with 92 entries and Pre-Teen Fiction with 85 entries. The smallest is the afore-mentioned Pop-up/Cut-out category, with just 5 entries.

In spite of the large number and the great quality of entries, we’re hoping to remain on this judging and results announcement schedule:

Semi-finalist results announced October 3, 2008.
Final results announced October 17, 2008.

Best of luck to all participants!

Jim Barnes, Awards Director