First Annual Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards Ceremony

         A total of 862 entries were received from authors and publishers in 45 U.S. states, 6 Canadian provinces, and 7 countries overseas, all hoping to nab a Moonbeam Award. At the ceremony on November 3, held in Chicago’s Harold Washington Public Library, the lucky 118 winners participated in a fantastic evening of celebrating reading and storytelling, called “Bookstalk.” What a Great event!!!!


      The Medals and Certificates given to the winning authors!


Evelyn Coleman, a Moonbeam Winner, Sends Her Thanks


Dear Mr. Jenkins and staff: 

Thank you for honoring me with the Moonbeam Children’s Book Silver Medal in the Multicultural Fiction Category for my book Shadows on Society Hill, an American Girl, Addy Mystery. I will cherish it always. 

I would like to thank your Book Awards Assistant, Amy Shamroe, and anyone else on your staff directly working with the Moonbeam Awards, because I suspect it was a daunting task to handle so many books. I do appreciate their work.

  I love the work you do to encourage writers as well as readers. I especially appreciated that you had such knowledgeable judges for your award. It makes the honor all the more special. I wrote to the Kohl Education Foundation to thank them as well.  

Please forgive the formality of a computerized letter, but my handwriting is difficult to read. And there is nothing more ironic than to be “thanked” and you have no idea what I’m writing. 

Again, thank you. The medal is lovely by the way. It has inspired me to continue writing for children for a few more years. This is such a rough business I am always threatening to quit and then an award comes along that says, not only do we recognize your work, we’re proud of it. I am sure your newly founded Moonbeam Awards lifted many spirits. 

With warmest friendship,  

Evelyn Coleman,  Author of Shadows on Society Hill