Judging Update

2008 Moonbeam Awards Judging is Underway!

Judging of this year’s contest is now underway, and the judges are amazed by the quality of books entered, and the creative energy that went into them. It gives us all great hope for the future to see how much children’s book authors and publishers care about the nurturing of young minds.

We’ve counted up the entries and are happy to announce a 21% increase in participation this year. A total of 1,085 entries into our 30 categories divides up to an average of 36 books per category. Of course it didn’t work out that evenly – we sure didn’t get 36 pop-up book entries! In fact, the two largest categories, Best First Book and Picture Book 4-8 Year Old received 130 entries each. The next two largest categories are Best Illustrator with 92 entries and Pre-Teen Fiction with 85 entries. The smallest is the afore-mentioned Pop-up/Cut-out category, with just 5 entries.

In spite of the large number and the great quality of entries, we’re hoping to remain on this judging and results announcement schedule:

Semi-finalist results announced October 3, 2008.
Final results announced October 17, 2008.

Best of luck to all participants!

Jim Barnes, Awards Director


If You Can’t Take the Heat


…then get out of the kitchen. It’s something we’ve all heard it before. Thankfully, Pam Abrams offers another solution in her gold medal winning book, Gadgetology: Kitchen Fun with Your Kids. This delightful book is (pardon the pun) jam-packed with creative recipes, games, and crafts aimed at bringing you and your child together in the kitchen. Gadgetology not only introduces readers to a multitude of kitchen gadgets, but also suggests new and exciting ways in which they can be used. Whether it’s using a juicer to make some old fashion lemonade or a box grater to create “crayon stained glass,” Gadgetology is guaranteed to provide fun that is educational and imaginative.


Adventures with Jonny Angles Gold


In addition to the tale of young Jonny and his father’s outdoor antics, Adventures with Jonny: Let’s Go Fishing! by Michael DiLorenzo offers everything one needs to know for a fun-filled fishing escapade. Inventive illustrations catch the eyes of readers while they sift through an abundance of helpful information. Whether its casting a reel, tying a knot, or hooking a fish, Adventures with Jonny  can show you how to do it safely and with a smile on your face. So what are you waiting for? Find your reel, grab a friend, and Let’s Go Fishing!




 Adventures with Jonny: Let’s Go Fishing! was the gold medal winner in the Best First Book category.


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